1st Queensland Biohumanities Conference:
The Conceptual Impact of the Genomic Revolution

(14-15th October, 2005).

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What is a gene? - Professor Paul Griffiths (UQ) and Karola Stotz (University of Indiana); with Introduction by Professor John Mattick (IMB)
Commentary: Peter Godfrey-Smith (ANU and Harvard) (not recorded)

Panel discussion: John Mattick (UQ), Rachel Ankeny (University of Sydney) and Samir Okasha (Bristol) (not recorded)

What is a genome? Maureen O'Malley (Egenis) and John Dupre (Egenis), including commentary by Lenny Moss (Egenis)

Panel Discussion: John Mattick (Queensland), Mark Ragan (Queensland) and John Wilkins (Queensland)

Behaviour genetics in the post-genomic era: Kenneth Schaffner (GWU)
Commentary: by Jon Kaplan (Oregon State) (not recorded)

Panel Discussion: Rachel Ankeny (Sydney), John McGrath (Queensland) and Wayne Hall (Queensland)

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