4th Queensland Biohumanities Conference:
Evidence-Based Medicine

(8-9th January, 2007).

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Apologies for the poor sound quality of the podcasts for this event.


Joan Leach: Welcome

Keynote address: Jerry Ravetz: Quantification as the opiate of the expert classes

Jason Grossman: Why I have issues with Evidence-Based Medicine

Marjan Kljakovic: What do you mean EBM is new? Surely you doctors always based what you do on evidence?

Adam La Caze: If it is going to make any sense, EBM must not be...

David Mercer: Managing Objectivity

Alison Moore: EBM™

Jason Grossman: Bias is OK

Paul Barnes: Risk, Ambiguity and Confusion

Claire Leslie: Classical inference is not about evidence

Neil Thomason: Intention To Treat analysis

Wendy Lipworth: Exceptionalism and evidence


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